Fashion and Photographic Four Week Course

Four week Babtac Accredited Fashion and Photographic Certificate :

This is an advanced and intensive make up course designed to prepare you to work in the exciting world of fashion and photography.

This course incorporates the two week Intensive Foundation makeup from the Basic skincare to different foundations , Basic application techniques, Day make up , evening makeup, Bridal makeup and make up for special occasions.Soraya26

The next two weeks covers a wider range of skills essential to become a professional make up artist.

You will be taught:

  • Beauty make up application for magazines
  • Fashion Beauty for the Camera
  • How to achieve a Glamorous photographic Look
  • Basic Brow Design
  • The Art of Photographic Hands
  • Make Up for Television and Commercials
  • The Art of High Fashion
  • Pop Videos and Make up Design
  • Achieving Catwalk and Runway looks
  • Lighting Effects on make up Design

This course is taught by skilled working make up artist who are experts in their chosen field. They will pass on their expertise and working knowledge to guide you to work in this competitive and exciting field. You will learn from the best.

The course is structured with Theory, make up Demonstrations and lots of hands on Practical work. You will be expected to pair up to practice the various looks. You will receive constant feedback and work evaluation. You will receive Evaluation Books to monitor your work and progress.

All progress will be tested by:

  • Signing of Evaluation Books by tutor Daily
  • Supervised and Constructive Practical Sessions
  • Daily Discussion and Evaluation
  • Research Project
  • All difficulties and learning Difficulties immediately addressed

This is one of our most popular courses and promises to be both exciting and motivating for those looking forward to a new and exciting career in the glamorous world of make up artistry. This course will start you on the right path and equip you with the right skills and confidence in your new career. All products are provided by the school.