Seven Week Intense Media Make Up

Seven Weeks Intense Media Make Up Certificate:

This is the ultimate course for those serious about working in the glamorous industry as a professional make up artist.If you are serious about this career , this course will fast track your learning and equip you with all the important and necessary skills as a make up artist.

This course is designed for the absolute beginner or an experienced make up artist requiring a refresher.Soraya25

The first two weeks is the same as the Intensive Foundation Accredited Qualification Certificate; covering all Basics from skin analysis, choice and application of Foundations, Day makeup, Evening Make up, bridal makeup, Special Occasion makeup, Hygiene and Product Awareness.

The next two weeks are spent with top working professional make up artist who will demonstrate techniques for creating the latest looks in High Fashion and photographic make up. You will learn learn all the tips and secrets of creating the ultimate smokey eye to achieving the perfect red lip.

Long74The following two weeks are creative and media related. You will learn:

  • The artistry of catwalk makeup with Adornments
  • Make up for Film, Various Techniques and High Definition
  • Working for television
  • The technique of Airbrushing
  • Black and White Monochrome Make up
  • Various Period Make up Looks
  • Theatrical Art
  • Special effects to include ageing, scarring, bruises, cuts, bullet wounds
  • Application of false beards, mustaches and skull caps.

There is also a week of Hairstyling included in this course. This is designed to prepare you with practice to work as a session stylist. In the competitive world of fashion it is important to have added skills to compliment and enhance your work. This will help give you an added edge when seeking employment. It is always beneficial to offer a completed overall look to your client.Soraya98

A creative Fashion Photo shoot is included, by a professional photographer with professional models. This will take place in a professional studio environment to sharpen your skills for a professional studio environment. All work will be closely supervised. All make up products provided from a selection of top make up brands.

All course notes provided.

Evaluation Books provided.